Services and rates

Daily Visits

10 Minute visit - $10

25 Minute visit - $15

55 Minute Visit - $30

Two or more visits per week on a regular schedule.

Mon-Fri 10am-4pm - 2 hour arrival time windows.

Visits can be used for walks or playdates. 

$2 addl for each Extra Dog Walked.

Puppy Plans

10 Minute visit - $8 *

25 Minute visit - $12 *

*After discount on invoices with 30+ daily services

Two or more visits per day on a regular schedule.

Mon-Fri 9am-4pm - 1 hour arrival time windows.

Playdate Visits for Potty and socialization.

Puppies < 6 months or dogs with special needs as approved.

Pet Sitting Rates

Overnight Care

12 hours of care - $60

8pm-8am Companionship with morning walk included

Pets Get to stay at Home

Additional pet sitting visits can be added a'la carte

Pet Sitting Visits

15 Minute visit $15

30 Minute visit $20

60 Minute visit $35

60 Minute Passive time can be added

to any of the above for $10

Arrival Windows for pet sitting:

8-10am / 2-5pm / 8-10pm

Feline only visits: 7-11am / 7-11pm

Visits include up to 3 dogs, 3 cats and 2 litter boxes. Additional pets or boxes can be added for $2 each.

Time can be used for meals, play dates, walks or a combo.

For canine clients: At least one daily 30 minute visit is required and we may require a 30 minute visit for meals and medications. Three visits per day are required for any dog that does not have access to the outdoors and is not pad trained.

For feline clients: 30 minutes of care each day is required, it can be two 15 minute visits.

first & last potty visits $20

Arrival Windows for First & Last Potty Visits:

6-8am / 9-11pm

15 minute play date, no walk.

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