Some things you should know

Q: Do you walk big groups of dogs?

Nope! We believe strongly in the mental stimulation a dog gets when allowed to sniff and explore outside the home. It's also much safer for all involved.  We provide individual service and if you see us with a small pack, they are from the same family. We will walk up to 3 dogs together if they live in the same house.

Q: Do you let dogs off leash?

Our insurance requires that we keep our clients on leash when not contained in their own yard.  We also only walk with fixed leashes because of the dangers that retractable leashes pose to humans and canines.

Q: Do you walk aggressive or Reactive dogs?

It is our policy not to discriminate against any dog. We work to gain your dog’s trust and can help limit their stress and reactions by controlling the environment as much as possible and by rewarding calm behavior. The only exception is if we feel your pet poses a danger to us. At that point we will need to suspend service, but can recommend both trainers and behaviorists to help.

Q: Do you require keys to my house?

Yes, we require 2 sets of keys. If only one set is provided, a $5 duplicate key charge will be applied to your account once we make a copy. If a key fob is required for entry or if a key cannot be copied, our availability in case of emergency or for last minute requests may be affected.

Q: When are keys returned?

Most clients prefer that I keep both sets of keys in our lock box after services but you can request their return any time and I will have them to you within 24 hours. There is never a charge for key return but there is a $5 key pickup charge if you schedule services after having your keys returned.

Q: Who will be walking my dogs?

No one will have access to your home without your approval and knowledge. Dog walking clients will have one walker assigned to them and the owner of the company is your default back up walker unless you have approved more than one walker. If there is ever a change in staff a free follow up meet and greet will be offered.

We have Security Cameras, is that a problem?

Not a problem at all!  We do assume you have cameras set up in public areas.  Cameras in areas that should be considered private, our sleeping area, bedroom or bathroom, are not allowed and services will be immediately suspended if this is breached.  

Q: Do you have a minimum number of walks per week?

We do require a commitment of 2 dog walks per week on a reoccurring weekly basis to guarantee a walk window.  Our regular clients enjoy 20% off of the normal visit cost.

Q: Do you work on weekends and holidays?

Our normal walk hours are Monday - Friday from 10 am to 4 pm. Any walk times outside of those hours are upon availability and will be booked as pet sitting visits. Walks scheduled on observed holidays will be booked as pet sitting visits and only when requested.

Our observed holidays are:

New Year's Eve/Day - Memorial Day - Independence Day - Labor Day - Thanksgiving (Th&Fri) - Christmas Eve/Day

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

The cancellation fee for each visit or walk is $5 regardless of when it is booked or canceled. 

The cancellation fee for each overnight service is $30 regardless of when it was booked or canceled (example: a 3 night trip that is cancelled will be $90).

Q: What about bad weather?

We walk in all kinds of weather! We have the right coats and boots and are happy to put on your pup’s coat and boots too. We always leave time to dry off our pals and wipe paws after our walks.  If it’s too hot or too cold for your dog we will only walk him part of the time and spend the remainder inside playing with his favorite toys. Same day cancellations from snow days are $5.

Q: How do I schedule walks or pay invoices?

All scheduling additions, changes and cancellations are easily handled with our app or on our client portal. When adding a visit, please contact us by 9pm the night before.

We also use the client portal to handle all billing. We accept cash, checks, and ACH payments.  You will be sent a monthly invoice of any walks accrued. For overnight or special trips, a draft invoice will be provided in advance of the services upon request.

Q: Do you carry insurance?

Yes, Harvey Park Pals is insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates, our pet business insurance is administered by RPS Scobie Group and underwritten by an AM Best rated: A (Excellent) Insurance Company. You can rest assured that while in our care, your home, property and pets will be covered. Please feel free to check out our insurance certificate here. Please note, we do require that all animals be up to date on required vaccines.

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