Meet the team of

Dog walking, cat whispering Gurus

Meredith Schultz


Dog walking has been such a blessing for me.  After spending almost 10 years at a desk I knew I wanted a change.  I broke out my notebook to brainstorm what my perfect job would look like.  I knew I wanted to work with animals, work outside, make people happy and get to be nurturing and loving on a daily basis.  The only job I could think of that matched my requirements was dog walking!  I joined the top company in Chicago for two years so that I could learn from the best and start my own company.

I opened Harvey Park Pals in 2015 as a one woman show.  I soon learned that the demand for quality pet professionals was too much for me to handle alone and so I started the search to find like minded sitters and walkers to serve my community and provide safe, reliable and affordable care for the families in southwest Denver.

Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters


Luke is the biggest animal lover... literally.  He's quick to acknowledge his height, being 6'9" is remarkable, but it's not the thing that really stands out about Luke as a dog walker.  Luke has the gift of making every dog feel comfortable and at ease right away.  Luke's favorite thing about working for Harvey Park Pals is knowing his clients are getting the workout they deserve with every walk.


Patty started out as a client of ours but has now officially joined the team!  She is methodical and careful and just loves working with animals.  Her own crew includes one big dog Zoey and three sweet cats including theneighborhood's infamous Marzipan.  Patty says that getting to work with animals is making retirement that much sweeter.


Tara loves animals so much she works with them day and night! Her full time job is as an office manager and senior technician for an anesthesia free dental clinic and she also helps out at the Denver Zoo. She is everything you would want in a pet sitter, detail oriented, respectful, knowledgeable and passionate!


Deb is our small dog specialist. She is a travel agent by day but transforms into a loving fur-mom at night. Deb has such a gentle demeanor and dogs can always sense they are safe with her. Beside small breeds her favorite breed of all time is boxers. Deb has a big heart and takes time to really nurture each client.

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